Coaches Corner


7 yrs     Nova Little Stars                Amanda Bennis

8 yrs     Nova  Lunas                      Georgia Cooper

8 yrs     Nova Jedis                        Louise Nguyen

9yrs      Nova Skyrockets              Deb Bond

9yrs      Nova Dragonflies              Leah Winter/Bridget Hobden

10G1    Nova Twisters                   Renee Haynes

10G1    Nova Protons                    Jamie Hayman

10G2    Nova Shooting Stars        Kylie Streatfield

10G3    Nova Fireflies                   Julie Lysaught

11G1     Nova Bright Sparks          Zoe Sydenham

11G2     Nova All Stars                  Christine Clifford

11G2     Nova Starbursts              Tony Guihot

12G1    Nova Juggernauts            Elissa Roberts

12G1    Nova Shining Stars          Louise Cooper

12G2    Nova Auroras                   Mel Whitaker

12G3    Nova Fireworks                Linda Maume

13G1    Nova Fusion                     Kylie Streatfield

13G1    Nova Electrons                 Rose Rafty

13G2    Nova Satellites                 Renee Haynes

13G3    Nova Rockets                  Kristel Lee/Steph Jones

14G2    Nova Gold Stars               Kylie Matthews

14G4    Nova Asteroids                 Bronwyn Geerarts

15G1    Nova Gravity                    Christine Clifford

15G1    Nova Supernovas            Amy Delore

15G1    Nova Rockstars              Alison Dalmazzone

15G3    Nova Pulsars                   Kylie Streatfield

Cadet A Nova Radiance               Char Love

Cadet B Nova Neons                   Zoe Sydenham

Cadet B Nova Galaxies               Louise Cooper

Cadet D Nova Eclipse                 Izzy Neskovski

21G1    Nova Power                    Renee Haynes

21G1    Nova Solars                    Tracey Gardiner

21G3    Nova Southern Stars      Nick Mursa

Greater Nova Thunder                Desley Cowan/Katie Robinson

A1         Nova 2                           Julie Hanna

A2         Nova Storm                    Jula Zilic

A4         Nova Quantum               Renee Haynes

A5         Nova Magic                    Cheryl Hernando

A6         Nova Goal Diggers        Kristel Lee

A6         Nova Nomads                Hayley Taylor

B           Nova Energy                  Elissa Roberts

B           Nova Black Ops            Ray Twigger




The Foundation Coaching Course is now available online.


To celebrate the launch, Netball Australia have posted a video on their website which features Australian Diamonds Head Coach, Lisa Alexander. Netball NSW have also shared Netball Australia’s posts on Facebook and twitter and posted this as a news item on their website. Netball Australia has also made available a series of videos related to the Foundation Skills of Netball.



 About the course

The online Foundation Coach Accreditation Course is targeted primarily at beginner coaches, teachers, parents and NetSetGO coaches and outlines introductory coaching information and basic netball techniques. The Course is the first step in the national coaching accreditation framework and is an important step along the knowledge pathway for a coach.

What are the benefits of moving to an online course?

* The ability for participants to learn in a self-paced environment at a time and place that individually suits them.

* Access all year round, any time of the day or night.

* Significant reduction in volunteer’s time administering face-to-face courses, freeing up valuable time to mentor developing coaches.


How much will the course cost?

The online Foundation Coach Accreditation course will cost participants $50.00 (inclusive of GST) to enrol in, regardless of their location around Australia. All payments will be managed online through a secure gateway.


What happens if a participant doesn’t have a credit card to be able to pay online?

If a participant does not have access to a credit card to be able to pay online, email Netball Australia on:


How do participants enrol in the course?

Participants can access and enrol in the course through the MyNetball portal:


Is there a time limit on completing the course?

No. There is no time limit on completing the course. Participants are able to learn in a self-paced environment and can log in and log out as required. However, participants must complete the course within a year of enrolling or it will expire.


What will participants receive at the end of the course?

Upon successful completion of all modules, participants will receive their Netball Australia Foundation Coach Accreditation and certificate of completion.


Will participants be able to purchase the manual and DVD?

Yes. Upon successful completion of the course, participants will be able to purchase the Netball Australia Foundation Coaches Manual for $25.00.


Will participants be able to access the course materials after they have completed the course?

Yes. Upon successful completion of all modules, participants will be able to log back into the system and access the materials at any stage.


What happens to the practical component of the Course?

There is no longer a practical assessment requirement to pass the course and gain the Foundation Coach Accreditation. The course materials have been designed in a way that ensure all learning objectives are covered and competencies assessed.


What if my club or association wants to set up additional practical opportunities to sign a coach off as having achieved their Foundation Coaching Accreditation?

Quite simply, NO this is not required and will not be supported. Once a participant has completed all modules of the online Foundation Coach Accreditation and can provide evidence of completion through presentation of their certificate, they will be deemed to have completed the course and subsequently awarded their Accreditation.


Is the course different to the current Foundation Coach Accreditation?

No. The online course has been developed based on the current, highly successful Foundation Coach Accreditation. It is an engaging and interactive online course with videos, learning activities and assessments at the end of each module. It will take between 3 – 4 hours to complete based on a participant’s current knowledge and skills.


For  more coaching information please go to: NNA COACHING

For Clinic Information please go to: PIVOT CLINICS

We are very lucky at Nova to have Cheryl Hernando as part of our club. Cheryl is also the NNA Coaching Coordinator, so we should be up to date  with all the latest coaching information.

Also we have Jula Zilic in our club this year and Jula runs the Pivot Clinics


7 yrs        Skyrockets                Erin Hartley & Hailee Burgess

7yrs          Dragonflies                Leah Winter

8yrs.         Nova Fireflies            Julie Lysaught

9yrs.         Nova All Stars           Christine Clifford

9yrs          Nova Starbursts        Renee Haynes

10yrs        Nova Fusion              Kylie Streatfield

10yrs        Nova Shining Stars   Brooke Cotterell

10yrs        Nova Fireworks        Karen Bull

11yrs        Nova Electrons         Kadisha Haynes

11yrs        Nova Rockets           Rose Rafty

13yrs        Nova Protons            Jula Zilic

13yrs        Nova Shooting Stars Christine Clifford

13yrs       Nova Supernovas       Amy Delore

13yrs        Nova Little Stars        Allison Dalmazzone

13yrs        Nova Pulsars             Kylie Streatfield

14yrs        Nova Neons               Cheryl Hernando

14yrs        Nova Galaxies           Kylie Matthews

14yrs        Nova Bright Sparks    Clare Daley

15yrs        Nova Eclipse             Renee & James Haynes

15yrs        Nova Pelicans            Elicia Williams

15yrs        Nova Radiance           Char Love

Cadet        Nova Ninjas                 Renee & James Haynes

Cadet       Nova Southern Stars   Nick Mursa

21yrs.      Nova Flyers                   Jodie Baker

21yrs       Nova Magic                   Cheryl Hernando

A             Nova Thunder               Desley Cowan

A.            Nova 2                          Alissa Berry

B1           Nova 4                           Renee Haynes

B1           Nova Goal Diggers        Megan Drew

B4           Nova RRR                     Cassie Skates

B5.         Auroras